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Where are the thermal springs in Tuscany?

Several warm, sulphury, sometimes boiling waters and even beneficial waters are to be found near Farmhouse Podere Tegline. These Tuscan thermal spring so beneficial as to take the name of “Acqua Santa” (HolyWater) or even “Santissima” (Very Sacred Water). In the “Terre di Siena” region, thermal well-being has very ancient origins, the tradition comes from Etruscans and Romans. The termal bath of Chianciano were recommended by Roman Emperor Augustus’s personal doctor. Archaeological finds confirm the existence of a great number of baths, hot springs and  pools, their fame are ever present in the history. The Petriolo  hot sulphuric springs were the best for  Pope Pius II and the baths visited by many famous people like Saint Caterina from Siena and Lorenzo dè Medici from Florence.Fortunately nowadays visiting these hot springs produced by the Amiata old Vulcan (at the moment resting) is no longer a privilege of the rich. Instead, it is accessible to all people who appreciate this special natural wellness-centre.

You can visit:

Bagni San Filippo- Castiglione D’Orcia
The Bagni delle Galleraie- Radicondoli
The baths of Petriolo- Monticiano
Bagno Vignoni- San Quirico D’Orcia
Chianciano Terme
Rapolano Terme
San Casciano Dei Bagni

Podere Tegline farmstay in Chianti, Tuscany
Podere Tegline is a Chianti agriturismo consisting of four vacation apartments for 2-4 persons in a Tuscan farmhouse located near Lucarelli, Radda and Panzano in Chianti. More than one apartment can be rented to sleep up to 11 persons.

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