venerdì 2 maggio 2014

Travelling with children in Chianti!

The children are very fond of staying in the Chianti Region because the climate is mild and when it is very hot in summer there are always fresh and shade gardens for playing . There are also swimming pools and a water park, the land offers many spaces for being outdoors. Travelling with children in the Chianti Classico and get to Podere Tegline you have the chance to find at your disposal a wide range of comfort for the little ones who do not need to bring from home . Talking ages of children at the time of booking will be possible to have in the apartment since your arrival: stroller , high chair, infant sit , bottle warmer , baby bath , crib with wheels, gates and sun lounger with wheels , changing table and in any case all that is needed for younger children as well as lots of toys. Young couples, travelling with children in Chianti, may come to us with peace of mind because we will provide even our modest experience of parents of three children. At our house we have two cats , a dog, four goats and a horse , almost a small zoo !!!!!! For every informations please visit our web or mail to: