domenica 2 marzo 2014

Easter 2014 in Florence.

Florence, city of art and culture, each stone an interesting story to know . This year, Easter comes on April 20 , spring, everything is reborning with the sun and the best is going to discover. On April 20, Easter 2014 in Florence with the Explosion of the Cart before the Esplanade in front of the Florence Cathedral , as per tradition , the most authentic and ancient rite of popular faith in Florence. A ceremony that dates back to the whole Florentine distant times of the First Crusade , in 1101 when the Florentine Pazzino de ' Pazzi , returning from Jerusalem brought with him , as a reward, three flints , for being the first Crusader to have stormed the walls of the city. The presence of Pazzino de ' Pazzi and the 2500 Florentine soldiers in the First Crusade is an important sign of the role of Florence in Jerusalem and the prestige of the city from the Middle Ages . The scales since the holy fire lit in the Cathedral of Holy Saturday, at least until 1960, when it was moved to the Blast Easter Day. In the fourteenth century it was introduced the use of the chariot and the Holy Fire on the three scales of the Holy Sepulchre is the spark plug that ignites the fuse that starts the Columbine flying high altar of the Cathedral to the " Brindellone " , setting it on fire , then returning back. If the Columbine returns to the altar, farmers thought that the harvest of the year would be fine. History tells us that the last time the Columbine has been blocked at Easter of 1966, and unfortunately after a few months there was the tragic flood of November 4th . On the sidelines of the blast , at about 10 , in Piazza Duomo, the draw will take place between White , Blue, Green , Red for the two matches of the Calcio Storico Fiorentino , among the winners of these first two games will be played the third game of the final . Il nostro sito web: Agriturismo Podere Tegline.

Podere Tegline - Agriturismo Chianti, Toscana
Podere Tegline è un agriturismo nel Chianti che offre appartamenti per 2-4 persone all'interna di un'autentica casa colonica toscana nei pressi di Lucarelli, Radda e Panzano in Chianti. Possibilità di affittare più di un appartamento, posti fino ad 11 persone.

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